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Yvette Duncan

About Yvette Duncan

Yvette, a co-creator of Inara, guides her clients on profound inner journeys, liberating them from imprinted family patterns to reconnect with their true essence, embrace new possibilities and be authentic in their relationships. 

With her depth and love of knowledge, philosophy, and innate analytical ability, Yvette is naturally drawn to seeing the interrelatedness between seemingly unrelated things and patterns; and how systems fit and work together.

In her safe, loving space, clients shed patterns, entanglements, misguided loyalties, and outdated beliefs to free themselves from emotional burdens that aren’t theirs to carry so that they can receive the blessings flowing through their family systems, embody the fullness of who they are and be authentic in their relationships as they step into new possibilities.

The ‘dis-ease’ of not feeling able to express how she truly felt, especially in relationships outside of her family of origin, physically manifested in her body and has been the catalyst for her own growth and healing.

Join Yvette on a transformative voyage with Inara to unlock the depths of your being and cultivate authentic connections in your life's journey. Together, we'll uncover the wisdom within and embrace boundless possibilities.

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