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Trust Yourself, Trust Life

with intuitive leadership coach Madineyah Isaacs

Release self-doubt and open up to ease and flow

We welcome you to participate in a potent 6-week journey with Intuitive
Life Coach, Madineyah, as she guides you through techniques and
practices for overcoming what limits you and accessing the potential in
you to thrive. Join Madineyah on this journey and experience tangible
shifts in your own life.

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The Journey

The Trust Yourself, Trust Life journey is ALL ABOUT YOUR NEXT UP-LEVEL!

We’ll release old stuck energy, those pesky resistances, and self-doubt and open up a new world for you - a world where you are trusting of yourself, your choices, and your decisions and navigate your days with more ease and flow.


Say goodbye and thank your old self and make room for the new expanded, up-leveled, and
a powerful version of you. 

How will this magic be created?

Through a potent energetic blend of pure light support, past life clearing, inner child healing, cutting cords to anything keeping you stuck, energetic key exchanges with anyone you unknowingly gave your power away to i.o.w. reclaiming it, locating and clearing energy blocks in your field, and MORE. Expect some light practical coaching as well to ground in the work to create lasting change.

Doing this work in a collective is extra powerful as what clears for one, clears for all. You often clear things you had no idea were impacting you when you safely tap into someone else’s healing journey. The overarching goal is that you will feel more light and free and all areas of your life will positively benefit from the shift.

Benefits of this journey include...

Learning to trust yourself, your choices, and your decisions.
Learning to trust flow.
Learning to trust life. 
Disentangling from the conditioned mind.
Freedom from limiting patterns and beliefs.
Living with a greater sense of ease and joy.
Relief from stress and anxiety.
More energy and enthusiasm for life.
Stronger connection to purpose.
See outward practical things shift in your life.
Learn a set of energetic techniques you can use again and again to clear your blocks quickly.

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The time and money investment was worth it because I was able to make huge breakthroughs in a short period of time, and I will have access to the knowledge and techniques for time to come. It would have probably taken me more years than I could count to uncover my unique blocks on my own and another indeterminate amount of time to learn effective ways to rewire them. 

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If you find yourself at a point in your life where you desire an increase in the following qualities, this journey is tailored for you.


Empowered Living

Inspired Action

Inner Peace

Self Worth


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All sessions take place weekly on live calls, should you miss a session a recording will be shared with you. Between sessions require some journaling and introspective work individually in preparation for group calls and sessions.

Week One 

Clear the Pathway

Check-in on resistance and stuckness - where you are in your life, including where you are experiencing challenges and what your intentions are for this experience. This session includes: And introduction to the Light - how it can help us, a potent Light Activation, 60 min group energy clearing on clearing resistance, stuck energy and self-doubt to make more space for you to experience new possibilities in your life. Goal: Feel light, free and more spacious having released so much energetic weight.

Week Two 

Strengthen your intuition

Group check-in on intuition - how intuition serves you in developing trust and deeper knowing. This session includes: 2 practical tools to experience intuition in the present moment. 60 min group energy clearing on accessing deeper knowing through developing your intuition. Goal: Feel a deeper connection to your intuition. Starting to trust your inner voice and yourself.

Free Week

Integration week

This is an opportunity to allow the practices and learning shared to settle in, with reflection questions and an energy clearing practice to guide the process. There may have been intense shifts from the first two sessions which you will feel in your mind and body and with your intention, you will use this time to ground the experience. You will receive a unique audio energy clearing to play with this week to help strengthen trust with yourself and all of life even more.

Week Three 

Feeling safe

Group check-in on conditions for creating psychological safety. This session includes a 60 min group energy clearing to release barriers to creating safety and allow the possibility for you to feel more safe. Goal: Feel safe in their bodies, in the world, to be seen and heard. Feel safe overall.

Week Four

Trusting yourself, your choices  & decisions

Group check-in on the factors and influences on choices and decisions and what limits and creates trust. This session includes a 60 min group energy clearing to release blockages and allow the possibility for you to experience more self-trust and trust in life. Goal: Feel like you can trust yourself overall and trust life to support you.

Week Five 

Move with Ease and Flow

Group check-in on the concepts of ease and flow. This session includes a 60 minute group energy clearing on releasing resistance, creating space in and around you to allow in ease, flow and joy. Goal: Have a visceral experience of flow and feeling oneness and ease with Life

Week Six

What else is possible?

Group check-in on the art of possibility and how you will make the experience on the journey personally relevant and meaningful. This session includes a 60 min group energy clearing on sustaining the journey and expanding what’s possible in your life. Goal: A fresh light perspective on what’s possible for you with proven tools and techniques to empower your on-going journey.

Post Journey

Integration & Assessments

This week includes our team doing check in calls, post session discussions. As we´d mendtioned you do not journey alone - we are with you and care about your experience.

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About Madineyah

NYC Based Intuitive Leadership & Life Coach

Madineyah Isaacs is a New York City-based, Intuitive Life and Leadership Coach. She helps growth seekers who have done all the things yet still feel stuck finally feel the peace, freedom, and clarity they’ve been looking for.

Drawing on her 14 years of coaching experience, she brings a customized approach to her work. Her training is a blend of practical, intuitive, and energy techniques to ensure lasting client results.


Amongst her qualifications, she is a Certified Leadership Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT/Tapping Practitioner, and Intuitive Life Coach.


Madineyah has coached and facilitated transformational experiences for people from over 80 Nationalities, anywhere from leading global online sessions, to in-person sessions at Universities in the US; Scotland, and retreat centers in the English countryside. She loves to help people get out of their own way and expand what’s possible for their lives, just like she has done, all the way from a shy and nervous South African kid to confident New York City coach.

She facilitates lasting shifts for her clients with a playful, light-hearted spirit.
She lives in Brooklyn and enjoys cracking jokes with her comedian husband.

CLICK HERE to read more about Madineyah.

Listen to her podcast HERE

This journey at a glance...

Next Cohort starts: in January 2024
Time: 10.00-11.30 EST/ 16.00-17.30 CET
Investment: $597 for the 6-week journey. 
Live session duration: 90 minutes

Please note that we believe in the power of supported group work, our journeys are designed to be taken in a supportive community setting, we therefore host live sessions with a master practitioner and follow on with self-paced work, you never journey alone when you are part of the Inara community. 

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If this journey intrigues you but you feel uncertain and have some questions, book an obligation-free call with our team. 

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