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Taking a deep breath and slowing down. Enter a space of deep rest through yoga nidra. In this session, you will learn about the gifts of a more rested life, and you will experience the practice of yoga nidra. You will reflect on your vision and aspiration for your life and work; opening to sowing the seeds of that intention through yoga nidra. You will be invited to cultivate a daily yoga nidra practice inviting a living into your more rested and creative self. 



Cultivate awareness of the dynamics producing our current experience of reality and to shine a light on the patterns and perceptions influencing what we see, feel and do. Strengthen self-insight and awareness; reflect on current belief systems, attitudes and values and identify limiting beliefs and behaviors. This session provides a space for developing an understanding of who you are. It includes reflection on the beliefs, patterns, stories, assumptions, judgements and perceptions that govern your life. You will gain insight into the themes that underpin your experience of reality and step into a space of creative possibility and resourcefulness to influence that experience. 



Releasing the patterns, beliefs and burdens that no longer serve you and to make shifts to support you to flourish. Unravel from how repeating patterns or narratives in your life play out. Work with the group to shift a pattern or narrative that will allow you to step into new possibilities. In this session the group constellates a pattern or inner narrative emerging on the journey. Representatives are chosen from the group to represent different members of a family or aspects of an inner narrative and everyone who is part of the journey experiences the energetic shifts.


Develop courage and compassion for yourself as you deepen your self-awareness practice. We return to a yoga nidra practice to deepen the process of relaxation and rest, and deepen the benefits of the practice. Yoga nidra practiced over time allows us to release stress, tension and anxiety, increase creativity, replenish energy levels, and enhance inner peace. We will use the practice of yoga nidra to explore the themes of release, letting go and restoring ourselves. 


Build self-awareness to strengthen self insight, build trust in yourself and access inner resources to support you on your journey.  Build a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind to effectively mediate between the two and build agency in your life and relationships. With the foundations in place, we now move deeper into the unconscious and cultivate higher states of awareness through presencing practices, interoceptive awareness, intuitive awareness, and active imagination. This is an opportunity to explore the rich inner landscape of the self beneath the surface of the reality produced by ordinary consciousness. 



Some of what emerges on the journey may be challenging or difficult and some of what arises will illuminate hidden gifts and potential. This session is designed to presence what is arising in the process of grounding deeper into self. Hidden truths, patterns, or narratives will be surfaced and presenced through another constellation session designed to shine a light on what is emerging and ready to be processed.



Spaciousness for you to continue to process and integrate. There won’t be a live group call this week to allow spaciousness for you to integrate what has come up for you during our journey together.



We wrap up the journey with a final yoga nidra session, that offers the possibilities of living into the fullness of ourselves and rising into joy. We will take time also to see where we are and what is called for now …

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